Center for Experimental Research in Computer Systems Workshop on Management of Big Data Systems
September 21, 2012, San Jose, CA
in conjunction with ICAC 2012

Workshop on Management of Big Data Systems

8:45-9:00AMOpening Remarks
An Overview of BDAS: the Berkeley (Big) Data Analytics System,
Mike Franklin, AMPLab, UC Berkeley
10:30-12:00PMSESSION I: Academia Perspectives
  • Hierarchical Merge for Scalable MapReduce
    Xinyu Que, Yandong Wang, Cong Xu and Weikuan Yu (Auburn University)
  • Project Hoover: Auto-Scaling Streaming Map-Reduce Applications
    Rajalakshmi Ramesh, Liting Hu and Karsten Schwan (Georgia Tech)
  • Lightweight Black-box Failure Detection for Distributed Systems
    Jiaqi Tan, Soila Kavulya, Rajeev Gandhi and Priya Narasimhan (Carnegie Mellon University)
  • Flex-KV: Enabling High-performance and Flexible KV Systems
    Amar Phanishayee, David Andersen (Carnegie Mellon University), Himabindu Pucha, Anna Povzner and Wendy Belluomini (IBM Almaden)
1:30-4:30PMSESSION II: Industry Perspectives
  • Experiences With Workload Management in Splunk
    Archana Ganapathi, Ledion Bitincka and Steve Zhang (Splunk)
  • Big Data @ Facebook
    Aravind Menon (Facebook)
  • Monitoring and diagnostics tools for Hadoop
    Matt Jacobs (Cloudera)
  • Storage Provisioning and Allocation in a Large Cloud Environment
    Murray Stokely and Arif Merchant (Google)
  • Break
  • The Vertica Database: SQL RDBMS For Managing Big Data
    Chuck Bear (HP/Vertica)
  • Big Data Benchmarking
    Chaitan Baru (SDSC), Milind Bhandarkar (Greenplum), Radhunath Nambiar (Cisco), Meikel Poess (Oracle), Tilmann Rabl (University of Toronto)
  • Big data and NoSQL with Amazon DynamoDB
    Simone Brunozzi (Amazon)
4:30-5:00PMOpen Discussion

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