Center for Experimental Research in Computer Systems Open Cirrus Summit 2011
Oct 12-13, Atlanta, Georgia

Raining Compute Environments on Resources by Application Users
-- Gregor von Laszewski, Indiana University

As part of FutureGrid we are developing a software infrastructure that allows us to dynamically provision not only virtual machines, but also images dedicated to run on bare metal. Users will be able to assemble under guidance such images and share them with their colleagues. Hence, researchers have the ability to measure the impact clouds and virtualization have on their applications. In this talk we will present the current status of this work, outline the challenges that we faced and give an outlook on our planed activates.

Gregor von Laszewski is the Assistant Director for Cloud Computing at the Community Grids Lab at Indiana University. He is also the Software Architect of the Future Grid project a large scale NSF sponsored testbed for Clouds, HPC, and Grids. He was affiliated with Argonne National Laboratory between 1996 -2009 where he was last a scientist and a fellow of the Computation Institute at University of Chicago. During a 2 year leave of absence from Argonne he was an Associate Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology. He received a Masters Degree in 1990 from the University of Bonn, Germany, and a Ph.D. in 1996 from Syracuse University in computer science. He is involved in Grid computing since the term was coined. Current research interests are in the areas of Cloud computing, technology auditing and Green IT. He is also known for his efforts in making Grids usable and initiating the Java Commodity Grid Kit which provides a basis component for many Grid related projects including the Globus toolkit.

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